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Washington will place the franchise tag quarterback Kirk Cousins for the second consecutive year. This time around he will make nearly $24 million, fully guaranteed, on the one-year deal on an exclusive tag. The real question is whether Washington can lock up their franchise quarterback this offseason or risk losing him after this season.
Elite Womens Olli Maatta Jersey
Last March, the 28-year-old quickly signed the franchise tender Washington offered him. The contract was worth $19.95 million for one year. Cousins went on to have a great season in 2016, throwing for 4,917 yards, 25 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

There were rumors that Cousins would only accept a trade to the San Francisco 49ers, but NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on Tuesday afternoon that Washington wouldn’t be seeking a trade for Cousins.

Game Brett Hull Jersey He finished the season with a 97.2 quarterback rating. He was selected to his first Pro Bowl last season, as well.

Because Cousins was tagged last year, he¡¯s entitled to a 120 percent raise, according to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. That also sets the floor for any eventual long-term deal with Washington, a yearly average around that $24 million mark.

July 15 is deadline for teams and players who signed franchise tenders to reach an agreement on a long-term contract, so Cousins¡¯ representatives and Washington have a lot of time to negotiate.

If Washington and Cousins can¡¯t reach a deal by that date, they could technically tag him a third time in 2018. However, that would cost the team upwards of $34 million in fully guaranteed money for just one season.

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Youth Delvin Breaux Jersey The New Orleans Saints were trounced in a Sunday Night Football matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, losing 38-17, and dropping to 1-3 on the season. Much of the team’s struggles revolved around an inability to stop the running game of the Cowboys, led by DeMarco Murray.
Game Carson Wentz Jersey
With just one turnover forced through the first four games and the fourth-most yards allowed, Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has drawn some heat and admitted that it was deserved on Sunday night:

Those explosive offensive numbers are nowhere to be found on this year’s Patriots team. New England ranks last in the NFL in yards per play (4.3) and many are questioning whether Tom Brady is still an elite quarterback. Brady is completing a career-worst 59 percent of his passes and ranks 33rd out of 35 qualifying quarterbacks in yards per attempt (5.5). Brady is really struggling with the deep ball this season despite his reputation as one of the most accurate downfield throwers. He is just 1 of 13 on attempts targeted 20 yards or more downfield, according to Pro Football Focus. That’s the worst accuracy rate of any quarterback with at least seven attempts.

If the Chiefs are going to beat the Patriots, they’ll need to turn up the pressure on defense. Winning the turnover battle is key to winning a football game, which is why the Chiefs face a huge challenge in beating the Pats. Kansas City is the only team that has not forced a turnover this season, and ranks last in the NFL in turnover margin (-5). The Patriots, meanwhile, are tied for the best turnover differential in the league (+6) and the most takeaways (8). The Chiefs likely won’t be able to get much offense through the air, as the Patriots rank second in the NFL in opponent Total QBR (33.9), so they’ll have to lean heavily on a running game that might be without its workhorse Charles, who was limited in practice.

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The broken right fibula sustained by Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota got lost in the shuffle a bit nationally, especially with the dominant Oakland Raiders losing Derek Carr to a broken leg around the same time.

But Mariota, and the Titans’ brass, want everyone to know that he’s going to be fine and that their playoff push last year was just the beginning.

During a season-ticket holder event Wednesday, Mariota offered the following via video statement:

To that end, Winston has begun recruiting free agent speedster DeSean Jackson.

“I texted Derek two days ago and asked how he was doing, checking in, and he said ‘I’m almost 100 percent,'” Penn said.

Derek Carr’s brother, NFL Network analyst David, also was on the show and added: “I tell you guys he’s 100 percent but you don’t believe me, you have to ask Donald (laughs). He’s going to be great. He’s good. Walking around already, stretching it out. He can’t do a lot for the bone, but he’s going to be back. He’ll get a whole full offseason in, and that’s going to be the best part.”

While the news should not be surprising given that, back in late December NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Carr could be a longshot to play in the Super Bowl if the Raiders made it that far, Oakland must be pleased with the fact that everything is on schedule. Carr, who threw for 3,937 yards, 28 touchdowns and six interceptions while leading the Raiders to a 12-3 record in games he started, will have extraordinarily high expectations on his shoulders next season. With the Chiefs getting a year older and the Broncos still trying to discover themselves post-Peyton Manning, the division will again be for the taking.

Having a full offseason program goes a long way toward helping Carr realize those expectations.

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Taj Gibson Game Jersey Saturday’s interaction with James highlights what may be the biggest benefit of the trip for Stevens and his staff. It’s a chance for Boston coaches to interact and build relationships with some of the best talent in the NBA. And not only does Stevens get a better feel for those players, but they get a small glimpse of what he’s like as a coach.

The Celtics have positioned themselves as an intriguing franchise to players because of the young core they’ve constructed and the assets they have that should make them a regular contender in the future. Still, the brief interactions with Stevens this weekend could help create further intrigue among star players whenever they reach free agency.

Mens Dan Marino Jersey As coach of the Eastern Conference All-Stars this weekend, the Celtics’ Brad Stevens gets a chance to build relationships with the best talent the NBA has to offer.

The Jazz have one of the league¡¯s top young players in Hayward, and cannot afford to let him walk as a free agent. He¡¯s got a player option for 2017-18, and could potentially sign a designated player extension starting in 2018-19 if he improbably makes an All-NBA team this year, but no matter what, he¡¯s gonna be paid.

Rudy Gobert is already set to get a massive raise from $2.1 million to $21.4 million next season, Joe Johnson and Alec Burks are set to make more than $10 million, and starting point guard George Hill is a free agent this summer, too. If the Jazz want to retain Hill and lock up Hayward, moving Favors is probably their best chance at maintaining flexibility.

Favors is also the most replaceable big-money player from the Jazz¡¯s current core. He only plays 10-12 minutes per game next to Gobert, and his numbers have taken a dip since coming back from a knee injury. If Utah management wants to clear salary in order to have more breathing room in the summer, trading Favors soon is the most obvious way to do it.

Why this rumor doesn¡¯t make sense

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INDIANAPOLIS — Jameis Winston still plans to throw on Saturday at the Combine, he confirmed at his Friday afternoon press conference. He did say that he had an MRI on Thursday, “just like everyone else,” and waved off concerns about his throwing shoulder reported earlier on Friday.

Earlier on Friday, it was reported that Winston was undergoing additional testing after experiencing “weakness” in his throwing shoulder. His personal quarterback coach, George Whitfield, Jr., waved off injury concerns, telling the media that it was a precautionary measure.

Winston’s agent, Greg Genske, echoed Whitfield on Friday afternoon, “Jameis feels incredibly strong and there is no need for treatment of any kind.”

A later report from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said that doctors checked out Winston on Thursday and gave him a clean bill of health.

Limited Mens Philip Rivers Jersey Shoulder weakness is a more common occurrence among baseball players, pitchers in particular. Winston also pitched and played outfield on the FSU baseball team.

SB Nation presents: The five best quarterbacks in the NFL Draft

The main drill is the off-tackle drill, which starts with a running back taking the hand-off from a coach, and from there moving quickly over a series of bags on the ground. He has to get his knees up high enough with each step and keep his eyes straight ahead when doing this drill. At the end of the bags is a coach holding a bag, and he’ll lean the bag either left or right. The back has to cut in the opposite direction of the bag before turning upfield to finish.
Limited Mens Tavon Rooks Jersey
You can find a nice demonstration of this drill at, featuring Mike Mayock.

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“I know games in April are important,” Collins said. “But when you look where we’ve been the last two or three years, those games in August and September, they’re huge games. And it seems like we were always talking about shutting somebody down, or you’ve got to skip a guy. And this is a year we can’t afford to do that.”

In retrospect, it’s almost miraculous the Mets made the playoffs last year in a season in which only Syndergaard (not to mention the now-departed Bartolo “The Bambino” Colon) made it through the year healthy. Does their skipper think they can win the World Series if their rotation doesn’t stay healthy?

“No,” Collins said flatly. “I probably shouldn’t say that. … But when we went to the World Series two years ago, our starting pitching carried us. So to me, it’s all about pitching. It’s about keeping our starting pitchers healthy.”

Authentic Kids Myles Turner Jersey Early in a critical spring, his starters have gotten that memo.

“People haven’t seen the best of this rotation,” deGrom said, confident as ever. “I think they’ll see the best when we all go out there every five days. And that’ll be this year — hopefully.”
Game Mens Wilt Chamberlain Jersey
“Pressure and expectations,” he said. “You talk to them about it. Everyone is aware what’s at stake. There are no surprises now.”

It took the parade in Chicago, after they won the World Series, for many players to understand what the title meant to the city. It’s one thing to see several thousand fans in an opposing stadium, but when millions line up to honor your achievements, it’s something that sticks.

“That was it for me,” outfielder Matt Szczur said. “I’ll never forget that.”

Neither will those who attended. But for many fans coming to Arizona, this will be their first glimpse into a new world in which the Cubs are champions. And that very well could become baseball’s new normal.

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With that in consideration, the Gamecocks were able to get to 6-6 in the regular season and earn a bowl bid in Muschamp’s first year. Now, this isn’t Florida, and Muschamp’s expectations may not be much higher than that, if we’re being realistic. That goes double if the SEC East powers return to prominence. Three consecutive 11-win seasons in Columbia probably aren’t going to happen again.

Speaking of Florida, this isn’t the first time Muschamp’s been involved in roster status discussions.

It didn’t end well at Florida, but a theme of Muschamp’s early tenure at UF was reminding everyone that he walked into a roster situation in Gainesville that was pretty solid. Muschamp credited Urban Meyer with leaving him a stacked deck.

“At the end of the day, they’re Florida’s players. They’re not my players, either. I really think Urban and them did a great job recruiting. We have really talented players here.”

Muschamp would build on that with two top-five recruiting classes, so on its face it would appear that Muschamp left the roster stacked when he was fired from Florida. At least that’s what he wanted you to think in his farewell press conference.

With an expensive Mike Leake. This is the first time they had the benefit of an entire offseason to fix the hole left by the broken pitcher. Maybe that wasn’t a good thing.

They won 100 games, which is, again, mighty impressive for a team that lost its best freaking pitcher. It’s worth noting that Wainwright came back and pitched 5? scoreless innings in the NLDS.

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Cutler’s time in Chicago is over. Both sides are ready for a clean break after the veteran quarterback appeared in just five games in 2016. Cutler holds every significant passing record in franchise history, but tossed 109 interceptions in 102 career games with the Bears. Since Cutler arrived in 2009, the Bears reached the playoffs one time (2010). Cutler wasn’t the entire problem — and at times played very well — but he never lived up to expectations. Not even close.

Siemian had offseason surgery on his left (non-throwing) shoulder, an indication of the struggles up front. And a quarterback, especially a young one, without a run game creates a target-rich environment for opposing defenses.

“Everyone always wants to look at a quarterback and say you have to have this quarterback,” Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said. “I’m not taking anything away from the quarterback position. It is critical to have that guy, but you have to have the five guys up front playing as one and doing everything right … so that quarterback can sit back in the pocket and do what he can do.”
Elite Womens Stephen Curry Jersey
Elite Womens Nick Foligno Jersey Leary was rock-solid stepping in for the injured La’el Collins in 2016, but ultimately, Dallas has larger priorities to address in free agency, with pass-rusher at the top of the list. With Zack Martin and Collins entrenched as starters in 2017 and beyond, the team is in a position to let Leary move on.

Owens’ contract with the Eagles was for seven years and $49 million, but it was back-loaded. He made over $8.8 million in his first season, but the payout dropped to just over $2.7 million in year two, and Owens was dissatisfied. He hired Drew Rosenhaus and made it clear he wanted a new deal. The Eagles didn’t want to renegotiate, so Philadelphia released him.

Jerry Jones signed Owens to a three-year, $25 million deal, and Owens remained with the Cowboys for three seasons. The Cowboys released Owens following the 2008 season, but Jones still thinks Owens should be in the Hall of Fame.

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