The only player in NBA history to average a triple-double throughout an entire season is Oscar Robertson. This year, Russell Westbrook is trying to become the second.

Game Youth Vernon Hargreaves III Jersey The NFL¡¯s annual free agent frenzy kicks off on March 9. These are the best players out there. Keep track of where they¡¯re all headed with our handy list.

A lot of the biggest names were taken off the market even before they became free agents. Kirk Cousins, Le¡¯Veon Bell, Jason Pierre-Paul, Chandler Jones, Melvin Ingram, Kawann Short, Eric Berry, and Trumaine Johnson all got the franchise tag or signed extensions, meaning that they¡¯re locked into their current teams at the moment.

Still, there were plenty of intriguing talents who hit the open market. Receivers Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson, defensive lineman Calais Campbell, and cornerback A.J. Bouye all landed big paychecks. Meanwhile, high-profile free agents like Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, and Colin Kaepernick will test the waters as they try to prove they still have enough left in the tank.

Kids Byron Bell Jersey Where they go next will be among the top storylines of this year¡¯s offseason, and we¡¯re tracking all the big rumors here.

There won¡¯t be 55,000 fans at Bobby Dodd Stadium this week, but there should still be a huge crowd of comfortably more than 35,000 for ATL¡¯s second home match. The team and Georgia Tech have worked together to make sure stadium operations run more smoothly this time around, while some fans are organizing a ¡°Hey Ya¡± goal kick chant to drown out a homophobic one that was used against the New York Red Bulls. Hopefully those two changes make Atlanta¡¯s fan experience one of the best in the league.

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Commissioner Gary Bettman told reporters on Wednesday that “there’s absolutely nothing new” in the ongoing “will they, won’t they” saga between the league and the Olympics to be held next year in South Korea. As you might expect, players are still pretty intent on going.

Asked about the news on Thursday, Philadelphia Flyers winger Jakub Voracek told CSN Philly that the NHL refusing to go is “absolutely ridiculous.”

“We have it once every four years. I read something that [NHL deputy commissioner] Bill Daly said ‘we’re not going.’ Nobody wants you to go.

“The players want to go. Why you’re saying you’re not going? You’re not part of the players association. … Nobody wants you there. They want the players.”
Voracek also pointed out that the league would have a tough time keeping its stars from leaving to play for their countries:

The Broncos get high marks on Cutler’s wish list because they’re a team built to win, thanks to a ferocious defense and a cache of talented wide receivers. A deal between the two almost certainly won’t happen because:

The Texans should be the top spot on any free-agent quarterback’s wish list this spring. Houston has a strong enough defense to carry the club to the Divisional Round of the playoffs, as proved in 2016, and has a plug-and-play offense just waiting for a competent passer. The franchise bet $72 million that Brock Osweiler would be that guy last spring, but one awful year later, Houston sent him packing to Cleveland.

Cutler would play behind an offensive line with similar sack rate numbers as the one he left behind in Chicago. He’d have a receiving corps headlined by All-Pro DeAndre Hopkins and flanked by second-year speedster Will Fuller. The Texans also have a talented rushing attack led by Lamar Miller. The tools are in place for a playoff run in Houston; the Texans are just missing the final, and most important, piece of the puzzle.


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Washington will place the franchise tag quarterback Kirk Cousins for the second consecutive year. This time around he will make nearly $24 million, fully guaranteed, on the one-year deal on an exclusive tag. The real question is whether Washington can lock up their franchise quarterback this offseason or risk losing him after this season.
Elite Womens Olli Maatta Jersey
Last March, the 28-year-old quickly signed the franchise tender Washington offered him. The contract was worth $19.95 million for one year. Cousins went on to have a great season in 2016, throwing for 4,917 yards, 25 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

There were rumors that Cousins would only accept a trade to the San Francisco 49ers, but NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported on Tuesday afternoon that Washington wouldn’t be seeking a trade for Cousins.

Game Brett Hull Jersey He finished the season with a 97.2 quarterback rating. He was selected to his first Pro Bowl last season, as well.

Because Cousins was tagged last year, he¡¯s entitled to a 120 percent raise, according to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. That also sets the floor for any eventual long-term deal with Washington, a yearly average around that $24 million mark.

July 15 is deadline for teams and players who signed franchise tenders to reach an agreement on a long-term contract, so Cousins¡¯ representatives and Washington have a lot of time to negotiate.

If Washington and Cousins can¡¯t reach a deal by that date, they could technically tag him a third time in 2018. However, that would cost the team upwards of $34 million in fully guaranteed money for just one season.

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Youth Delvin Breaux Jersey The New Orleans Saints were trounced in a Sunday Night Football matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, losing 38-17, and dropping to 1-3 on the season. Much of the team’s struggles revolved around an inability to stop the running game of the Cowboys, led by DeMarco Murray.
Game Carson Wentz Jersey
With just one turnover forced through the first four games and the fourth-most yards allowed, Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has drawn some heat and admitted that it was deserved on Sunday night:

Those explosive offensive numbers are nowhere to be found on this year’s Patriots team. New England ranks last in the NFL in yards per play (4.3) and many are questioning whether Tom Brady is still an elite quarterback. Brady is completing a career-worst 59 percent of his passes and ranks 33rd out of 35 qualifying quarterbacks in yards per attempt (5.5). Brady is really struggling with the deep ball this season despite his reputation as one of the most accurate downfield throwers. He is just 1 of 13 on attempts targeted 20 yards or more downfield, according to Pro Football Focus. That’s the worst accuracy rate of any quarterback with at least seven attempts.

If the Chiefs are going to beat the Patriots, they’ll need to turn up the pressure on defense. Winning the turnover battle is key to winning a football game, which is why the Chiefs face a huge challenge in beating the Pats. Kansas City is the only team that has not forced a turnover this season, and ranks last in the NFL in turnover margin (-5). The Patriots, meanwhile, are tied for the best turnover differential in the league (+6) and the most takeaways (8). The Chiefs likely won’t be able to get much offense through the air, as the Patriots rank second in the NFL in opponent Total QBR (33.9), so they’ll have to lean heavily on a running game that might be without its workhorse Charles, who was limited in practice.

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The broken right fibula sustained by Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota got lost in the shuffle a bit nationally, especially with the dominant Oakland Raiders losing Derek Carr to a broken leg around the same time.

But Mariota, and the Titans’ brass, want everyone to know that he’s going to be fine and that their playoff push last year was just the beginning.

During a season-ticket holder event Wednesday, Mariota offered the following via video statement:

To that end, Winston has begun recruiting free agent speedster DeSean Jackson.

“I texted Derek two days ago and asked how he was doing, checking in, and he said ‘I’m almost 100 percent,'” Penn said.

Derek Carr’s brother, NFL Network analyst David, also was on the show and added: “I tell you guys he’s 100 percent but you don’t believe me, you have to ask Donald (laughs). He’s going to be great. He’s good. Walking around already, stretching it out. He can’t do a lot for the bone, but he’s going to be back. He’ll get a whole full offseason in, and that’s going to be the best part.”

While the news should not be surprising given that, back in late December NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported that Carr could be a longshot to play in the Super Bowl if the Raiders made it that far, Oakland must be pleased with the fact that everything is on schedule. Carr, who threw for 3,937 yards, 28 touchdowns and six interceptions while leading the Raiders to a 12-3 record in games he started, will have extraordinarily high expectations on his shoulders next season. With the Chiefs getting a year older and the Broncos still trying to discover themselves post-Peyton Manning, the division will again be for the taking.

Having a full offseason program goes a long way toward helping Carr realize those expectations.

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