The New York Jets have withdrawn a rule change proposal that would limit pass interference penalties to 15 yards, according to The Washington Post’s Mark Maske. The proposal was gaining momentum , but that apparently quickly dissolved after the competition committee voted it down 6-2 , making the chances of it passing a vote from NFL owners unlikely. The owners of at least 24 teams must approve any rule change. Obviously, the competition committee was against it бн.

He was exceptional. We knew that he was going to be gritty on a really cold night. He showed that tremendous competitiveness, Kapler said.

After the scheduled series opener was postponed Monday by snow, New York improved to 3-1 under its own rookie manager in Callaway.

An embattled Kapler has been taking criticism for heavy use of his relievers last weekend in Atlanta — and a mix-up that led to him summoning one who wasn’t even warmed up. It’s my responsibility, Kapler said before the game. I spent the last 48 hours digging into how to improve our bullpen usage and be really good at it going forward.

It was a shock to the football world when Josh McDaniels spurned the Indianapolis Colts and decided to back out of the deal he agreed upon to become their next head coach and the New England Patriots offensive coordinator has finally broken the silence. The Colts have since moved on from the McDaniels fiasco but fans are still bitter – and rightfully so – after the 41-year-old decided to back out of the deal to be the next head coach.

Miller: As a DH, Ohtani is going to have to hit a lot to stand out. As a pitcher, he’ll have to stand out as a DH to justify the extra strain a two-way role puts on him.

Schoenfield: The same one that most scouts are skeptical about: his hit tool. After his rough spring at the plate, he appeared to consciously shorten his swing in the opener, which resulted in four ground balls to the right side (plus a strikeout). One bounced through for a hit, but to get to his power, Ohtani is going to have to prove that he can handle the hard stuff inside.