On the final day of Raiders training camp, Marshawn Lynch stepped behind the podium to speak to the media for just the second time since joining the team last April.

The timing of his media appearance is just days after he stirred up some controversy by sitting down during the playing of the National Anthem prior to the team’s preseason opener in Arizona. So, naturally, the question was going to come up to see if he would have anything to say about it. And, as you might expect, Marshawn juked a couple of questions about it.

Game Womens ArDarius Stewart Jersey It’s tough to find these knockdowns in the preseason because there is no access to the proper film. Lucky for me, this week was easy. I’m going with my brother, Mitchell Schwartz, right tackle No. 71 of the Kansas City Chiefs.

He’s on a backside cutoff block. He’s supposed to block the linebacker, but the 49ers defensive lineman is moving with their pressure. Mitch ends up on the nose tackle. Most tackles would try to gain position by swinging their hips around. Not Mitch. His hand placement is impeccable, and he’s running his feet. Notice where he resets his hips just a bit and runs the defender through the whistle for the first disrespectful block of the 2017 NFL season.

Earlier in August, I wrote about Lacy’s potential fit in Seattle, mostly under the belief that his top-tier talent was still there if he could avoid injuries and stay in shape. Obviously we shouldn’t read too much into preseason performances, but the Lacy we’re seeing right now just isn’t good enough, and a far cry from the player I thought would show up.
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Next week is the third preseason game, the unofficial dress rehearsal for most teams. It’s going to be a real make-or-break moment for Lacy, because the Seahawks have too many moving parts and roles to figure out in their backfield. They can’t be wasting time on Lacy if he doesn’t have much to offer anymore.