Lawrence Timmons played ten seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, his Miami Dolphins career could be in jeopardy after zero minutes of the regular season. Some Steeler fans are already jumping the gun, speculating on a return to western PA for the Law Dog.

Game Youth Donald Stephenson Jersey While it’s more of a long shot than Jordan Berry winning the NFL’s MVP award in February, I’m game for ifs and buts. So let’s jump the gun and do this.

17 teams have failed to muster an average of more than 20 points per game this season. For a lot of those squads, it’s just the statistical quirk of being a small sample size. The ones that should be the most concerned are the nine teams that still haven’t averaged more than 15 points a game — the Bears, Bengals, Bills, Browns, Colts, Giants, Seahawks, Texans and 49ers.

The numbers should improve soon enough for some teams. The Seahawks have enough skill talent and a quarterback that some smarter coaching and scheming could do wonders. Cleveland and Buffalo are rebuilding.

The Bears would be better once they abandon the Mike Glennon experiment. The Colts will improve when Andrew Luck comes back, someday. Not that either of those teams is going to turn themselves into a winner this year.

Panic index: Acceptance. It’s not going to get a lot better for most of these teams, except maybe the Seahawks. Three teams on this list really need to do some soul searching. The Bengals, Giants and Texans should all be much scoring at a better clip than they are. Plus, Houston and New York have the kind of defenses where they don’t necessarily have to score 30 points per game. Cincinnati feels like the most hopeless outfit on this list.
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