Pete Rose may be blackballed by Major League Baseball, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still popular. It also doesn’t mean his memorabilia isn’t extremely popular.

Just how valuable is his memorabilia? The ball he hit to break Ty Cobb’s all-time hits record sold Saturday for $403,657.20 in an auction on That is not a typo.

The opening bid for the ball started off at $50,000. It had been up for auction since May 23.

It sold at the same Lelands auction in which Charlie Sheen auctioned off his Babe Ruth memorabilia.

Ballard was left with a pretty smelly pile by predecessor Ryan Grigson, and he might already be regretting not staying put in Kansas City for the purge there later. He has a lot of damage to undo, in drafting and free agency. And he’s got to make a coaching decision, since Jim Irsay kept Chuck Pagano in place while making his oddly late move on Grigson.

Beane and Sean McDermott have history with the Panthers, and putting him in place with McDermott instead of Doug Whaley should at least clean up the lines of communication. He’s a blank slate for the Bills for now, since they oddly made the change after the draft and, of course, free agency. There’s talent on paper, which has tended to be on the inactive list more than on the field.

“And the amount of tuition he has to pay off? It’s so expensive. Ninety percent of Americans can’t afford it, and take 30 years to pay it off. … There are brilliant people doing all the right things that walk out of school with all that debt and what kind of head start are they getting? I’m fortunate to be able to change that for him.”

Well done, Logan.