This race is anyone’s game. Orlando’s victory over Philadelphia was not good for its tanking chances. The Knicks rested several players against Portland to ensure a road loss.

Who has the tougher schedule? The Magic have five games remaining against teams competing for playoff position. The Kings have two such games, the 76ers have five, and the Knicks have six and have reduced Carmelo Anthony’s minutes.

What’s at stake? Nothing but higher odds at landing a draft pick. Philadelphia has the option to swap first-round picks with the Kings.

From Cam Newton to Luke Kuechly to “Riverboat Ron,” there’s so much to like about the Panthers, except for one person. That and more in Matt Ufford’s Fumblr.
To be fair, Griffin has put himself under the microscope given the endless sponsorships and documentaries, but does that really justify all the stupidity and hand-wringing that’s come out over the past week?

Now we’re pretending that he’s a selfish diva because he said that he was trying to throw the ball out of the back of the end-zone on a game ending interception. Saying that he “didn’t want to take a sack” is throwing his line under the bus? The bell sounds and we’re drooling all over ourselves, eager to spit out a reference to the time when Jimmy Clausen told Jon Gruden, “Yeah, I changed the route but he didn’t see it. I didn’t give him a clear enough signal.” Somehow that was a QB blaming his WR? We’re really comparing Jimmy Clausen to Robert Griffin III?